While my first loves are small ship cruising and guided tours, I will always have a special place in my heart for luxury all-inclusive resorts.  Whenever I need a vacation where I can just totally chill out and not worry about a thing, a luxury all-inclusive resort is where I turn.  Some people think that all-inclusive resorts are not for them, assuming the worse - just average accommodations, bad buffets, watered-down drinks, a party scene…. but that only happens if you choose the wrong all-inclusive resort. The right one can be an amazing, pampered vacation solution with scrumptious cuisine, top shelf liquors and stunning ocean views.  Here are some of the main reasons I love the luxury all-inclusive resort option.



  • You know in advance what your trip is going to cost - You don’t have to reach for your wallet every time you go to the hotel’s restaurant or bar then lie on the beach haunted by the thoughts of your ever-increasing bill.  This allows you to get closer to that elusive state of mind known as relaxation.

  • You’re more likely to try new things - If you’re at a resort where the activities (such as windsurfing or snorkeling) cost extra, you might not want to spend the money to try them. An all-inclusive option removes that obstacle and makes it easier to do the things you love and try the things you’ve never done before.  This makes a vacation more fun and interesting plus helps create those lifetime memories.

  • You have freedom – As I mentioned above, there are lots of included activities and you can choose to do as many as you want or……. maybe you don’t want to do any of them.  In other words, the choice is completely yours.  You can have as much togetherness or freedom as you want from the family, group or the one and only you are traveling with.  You can have “me time” without feeling guilty or selfish.

  • There are free, supervised kids’ clubs - If you’re taking the family, kids’ clubs are complimentary with lots of fun kid activities.  It’s a win, win.  You’re happy and the kids are happy!!

  • There’s lots of food options - You needn’t worry about finding something you like or that fits in to your restricted diet.  There’s plenty of food choices either at the buffet or at the many sit-down restaurant options.  If you are adventurous and decide to try something “different” but don’t like it, you just flag down the waiter and order something else. 

  • No tipping required - When vacationing outside the US, knowing the proper amount to tip can be challenging. All-inclusive resorts include tips and gratuities in the up-front cost. This not only helps you budget, but it also keeps you from facing uncomfortable situations with the service staff.  But it has also been my experience that when you just want to sit in a lounge chair on the beach all day, giving your drink waiter a bit of a tip at the beginning of the day will keep them coming back to check on you more often!!


All luxury all-inclusive resorts are different from each other.  Depending on the resort, it may cater to singles, couples or families plus they all have different amenities and inclusions.  It’s critical to choose the right resort for your particular wants and needs.  That’s where I come in.  Choosing the right resort can either make or break your vacation.   My goal is to help you take incredible trips so that you can have a breather from your everyday lives, live life to its fullest and have an outlet where you can connect deeply with the ones you love most arriving home revitalized and ready for more. 


Give me a call today, I’m ready to help you find that perfect fit. 


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