8 Day Tour of Sicily with Insight Vacations

Offered April-November


Enjoy warm Mediterranean hospitality, as you journey from picture-perfect fishing villages to ancient Greek temples. Witness the rich legacies of the ancient Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans and Ottoman Turks and even uncover a few secrets about the local Mafia. Taste Sicilian wine, feast on delicious seasonal cuisine and meet passionate locals along the way.



Day 1 - Welcome to Sicily

Day 2- Ancient Syracuse en route to Ragusa

Day 3 - Explore the Valley of the Temples and on to Palermo

Day 4 - Palermo & the Golden Age of the Normans

Day 5 - Exploring Erice

Day 6 - Cefalu and the Taormina Riviera

Day 7 - Taormina and the Dawn Coast of Europe

Day 8 - Depart Catania.


  • Palermo: Choose between a variety of restaurants and cuisines on your Dine-Around Evening.

  • St Julian's: Enjoy a Welcome Dinner with your fellow travelers at your luxury hotel in St Julians. This Radisson Blu resort is famous for its delicious Mediterranean flavours.

  • Trapani: At a local farm, sample the olive oil produced on the island paired with a tasting of Sicilian wine and a light, rustic Highlight Lunch.

  • Taormina Riviera: Enjoy a Celebration Dinner with wine, reflecting some of Sicily’s top culinary heritage.


  • St Julian's: Situated in the pretty seaside town of St Julian’s, The Radisson Blu Resort is a worthy getaway for travelers looking for tranquility by the coast. The hotel offers gorgeous views of the Mediterranean Sea and a wellbeing spa for those looking to relax and rejuvenate.

  • Taormina Riviera: Enjoy traditional Mediterranean hospitality on the rocky coast of the Ionian Sea at the Hilton Giardini Naxos.



  • Catania: See the Duomo, Piazza and the noble buildings of Palazzo Senatorio.

  • Syracuse: Walk through the gardens of Paradise Quarry, listen to the acoustics in the mysterious Ear of Dionysius and visit the Greek theatre.

  • Syracuse: Explore the ancient streets and delightful squares of in the Old City of Ortygia.

  • Ragusa: See the famous Baroque buildings and churches.

  • Agrigento: A Local Expert will lead you through the magnificent remains of the Greek colony in the Valley in the Temples. See the massive Temple of Concord and clifftop Temple of Juno.

  • Monreale: Step into a world where the walls glitter with 12th century mosaics, the best of their kind in the world.

  • Palermo: See Teatro Massimo, the Quattro Canti Square and the Fountain of Shame. View the composite architectural styles of the Palermo Cathedral and visit the Palatine Chapel, showcasing some of the finest examples of Norman art.

  • Erice: Explore the quiet alleys of this ancient walled town, as if you've stepped into the Middle Ages. See the medieval churches and marvel at the sea views from the gardens of the Castle of Venus.

  • Cefalu: See the cathedral, built to fulfil a vow. Walk to the medieval stone fountain in the old fishermen’s quarter, find the Gothic arch of the Porta Marina and see the harbour.

  • Taormina Riviera: Should you awake early, you may see why this is known as 'The Dawn Coast of Europe.'

  • Taormina Riviera: Visit the ancient Greek Ampitheatre.  Set on a cliff, open to the sky, take your seats and enjoy the view through the crumbling arches to snowy Mount Etna.

  • Taormina Riviera: Visit the courtyard of Palazzo Corvaja, seat of the first Sicilian parliament, and stroll along Corso Umberto to Piazza IX Aprile.


​✓ The freshest olive oil produced on the island at a farm near Trapani

✓ Sicilian wine and vineyards – need I say more!

✓ The quaint fishing town of Cefalu

✓ Mount Etna, Europe's largest volcano


✓ The elegant noble buildings of the Palazzo Senatorio in Catania

✓ Syracuse’s Paradise Quarry, an ear-shaped grotto with an unusual echo

✓ Island of Ortygia where the famous geometrician Archimedes ran naked through the streets, crying ‘Eureka’

✓ Valley of the Temples, Sicily's Greek sanctuary

✓ The Fountain of Shame

✓ The finely-decorated cathedral of Monreale with its magnificent gold mosaics, a masterpiece of Arab-Norman art

✓ The charming hilltop walled town of Erice


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