August 1, 2018

This has to be, without a doubt, one of my biggest challenges as a Travel Professional – the subject of Travel Protection Insurance. No matter how much money is spent on your trip, there are many things totally outside of your control that could change your dream vacation into an absolute nightmare. For years, I, like many other travelers, was one who believed that once I had committed to a trip, I was going to go NO MATTER WHAT!  NOTHING WAS GOING TO KEEP US FROM GOING! It just didn’t seem necessary to add additional cost to the trip for something as un-romantic as travel insurance.  BUT, my eyes have definitely been opened to the need for a good travel insurance policy.  Most people think of travel insurance only in the sense of getting your money back if you cancel but where you really need the protection is once you’ve left home.  I have seen so many situations in my career as a Travel Professional that have affected my clients’ (and even my own) travel plans and have added unnecessary stress and financial burden.


A few years ago, I was privileged to experience a Mediterranean cruise traveling from Rome, Italy to Athens, Greece.  While on our way from Naples, Italy to Sicily, a gentleman (that was not very old) had to be air lifted off the ship by helicopter because of a heart attack.  Evacuation costs can run into the many thousands and can be 100% out-of-pocket cost without travel insurance.  A few days later, on that same cruise, a woman fell going down the gangplank and dislocated her shoulder.  An ambulance had to be called to take her to the hospital.  Most health insurance companies don’t cover medical issues or transport while outside the country, including Medicare.  As a travel professional, I’ve witnessed many claims turned in to travel protection companies such as weddings that were cancelled after travel arrangements were already made, unexpected pregnancies, deaths, and many, many more reasons.  You just don’t know what life is going to hand you.  Any situation can be extremely stressful and financially devastating if you don’t have adequate travel insurance. 


Here’s another example -  you’re turning 50, you’re healthy and you’ve confirmed with your boss 3 times that you can have the time off.  Nothing is going to keep you from going on your vacation and nothing is going to go wrong while you are there, right?

Consider these possibilities:

  • One of your parents have passed and the other parent has a heart attack while you are gone and may require surgery.  You, of course, want to be by their side but you really don’t have a choice but to be there because you are their Power of Attorney for health and need to make the decisions and sign all the papers!

  • You have a little bit of a cold when you leave on vacation but it keeps getting worse.  3 days later you are in a foreign hospital with pneumonia.

  • There’s a government shut down because of the failure to pass legislation to fund government operations and agencies.  You expedited your passport application but now you may not get it in time to fly out of the country in 3 days! (Don’t laugh, this one just happened!!!)

  • You are stung by a jellyfish while walking the beach.

  • You booked that dream river cruise down the Danube in Europe and now there is flooding on the river and you must do the trip by motor coach instead.  You’d rather just wait another year and be able to do the river cruise you’ve been dreaming of.

  • One of your adult children falls ill or needs surgery and has nobody to watch the grandchildren…they need Grandma!

  • One of your adult children announces to you the day before you are to leave that they are getting a divorce and are moving in with you - along with the 4 grandkids!  

  • Your flights to Miami are delayed or cancelled because of weather and you miss the Caribbean cruise you have been planning for the past year.  The ship has the nerve to sail without you!

  • Your flight leaves at 6:00 in the morning for your Italy tour and your largest client at work has just announced that they will be cancelling the contract if you aren’t in their offices to finalize everything at 9:00am tomorrow morning.

  • The volcano in Iceland erupts again, spewing ash into the sky and all Transatlantic flights are cancelled for 3 days. You are stuck in Paris for a few extra days where the average hotel room costs $400 per night but since hundreds of people are in need of a room, they are now $700 per night!

I have seen all these things happen and none were expected.  Isn’t protecting your vacation dreams and your financial well-being worth the minimal cost of travel insurance?  My opinion has certainly changed!  I no longer travel without purchasing travel insurance.  The peace of mind is well worth the investment to me!  What about you? You can contact me today by clicking here. I look forward to hearing from you!

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