September 13, 2018

Have you ever been on a trip and wished your family was there to share it with you? Then let me introduce you to Multi-Generational travel. It’s exactly what it sounds like, traveling with multiple generations of your family whether it be your children, your grandchildren, your parents or your grandparents. These trips take you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and give you the opportunity to spend quality time together, making memories that will last a lifetime. There is also a type of trip called Skip Gen Travel that is common today.  This refers to grandparents traveling with their grandkids, no parents allowed!  A perfect example would be taking the grandkids to Disney World or on a camping trip.   



If you ever traveled as a child, such as to the beach or even on a long trip to Grandma’s house, more than likely you remember the adventure.  You might have made elaborate sandcastles, buried dad in the sand or collected the seashells you still have packed away in your closet.  You might remember Grandma’s home-cooked meals, or maybe that she taught you how to make your favorite cookies or to make noodles from scratch. Grandpa may have taken you fishing down at the river. We don’t always remember the presents our grandparents gave us, but we can certainly remember the time we spent with them.


Many families make it a point to travel together as much as possible. It could be a summer trip to the mountains or a trip to experience another country and culture.  Some spend Christmas together away from home.  A popular destination to do this is the Caribbean.  What could be more perfect than holding a family Christmas at an all-inclusive resort.  Nobody has to cook!!  Or clean the house!!  And no worrying about how much you might have to spend on food, drinks and entertainment because the cost is known and paid for up front!  All your time can be spent focusing on having fun with the family. 

Perhaps there is a bucket list item that everyone keeps talking about such as traveling to learn about the family heritage.  DNA kits are readily available and very easy to use.  They provide answers about your roots.  How incredible would it be to take your family to where your ancestors originated?  To see and experience the culture they came from?  To be able to do this together as a family - how awesome!


Traveling with your family is a way to connect or reconnect with each other. If you feel the need to strengthen relationships, laugh, be happy and most of all, create memories you will NEVER forget, then traveling together is your medicine!  My goal is to help you take incredible trips so you can have a breather from your everyday lives, live life to its fullest and have an outlet where you can connect deeply with the ones you love most arriving home revitalized and ready for more.  I believe that travel changes lives, builds understanding and truly makes our world a better place.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to show your children, your grandchildren, your parents or your grandparents that the best memories include family?  And to be able to create memories with them that will never be forgotten?  I’ll say it just one more time…. these memories will last forever.  It’s time to take the steps to make it happen!

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