December 27, 2018

Why You Would Want to Add Tape to Your Travel Packing Checklist?


I always take tape with me when I travel.  Sometimes you need to get a little creative but having a roll of duct tape and/or masking tape handy has saved me many times.  Here are some ways I have used tape while on the road. 



  • Seal a Leaky Bottle - Don’t let leaky bottles seep out into the rest of your bag. If something is leaking, seal the leak with tape.  I also do some preventive care while packing for the trip by using masking tape to make sure lids hold tight.  When flying, the increased air pressure can pop the tops open so I seal down the lids of my lotions and anything else that doesn’t have a screw on lid.  I also tape down the cap to my hairspray can.  I’ve had the cap come off in my suitcase only to get to the destination with any empty can of hairspray and a suitcase full of sticky yuck. 

  • Keep creaky doors shut while cruising in high seas - It’s hard enough to sleep on a rocking cruise ship without hearing the squeaking of closet doors and dresser drawers as they slowly slide open and shut. Lock them in place with a strip or two of tape as the ship rides out the storm.

  • Fix a broken suitcase or backpack - If your bag comes off the luggage carousel with a rip in the side or a handle breaks off your backpack, use duct tape for a quick repair. This will get you through the rest of your trip without your underwear spilling out.

  • Block unwanted light - If there is light shining through a window and the curtain or blind just doesn’t quite cover it, or if the TV has an annoyingly bright light even when it’s turned off, you can use tape to bring full darkness to your room.

  • Mend clothing – if you get a tear in your rain poncho, stay dry by patching it with a piece of duct tape. If the hem of your pants starts to unravel, tape it up on the inside until you can get home and stitch it up yourself.  You can also fix shoes with duct tape. It may not be the most fashionable option, but it’ll last you until you can get to a store or until you get home.

  • Fix Broken Glasses – if you wear glasses or readers, tape can really come in handy if you happen to sit on them.  Slap on a strip of duct tape to hold them together and call it a day.  Again, it won’t be a fashion statement, but It will be a memory!

  • Remove lint from clothes – who needs a lint roller when tape can peel unwanted fuzz or hair off your clothes?

  • Childproof the electrical outlets – If your kids are at an age that makes electrical sockets dangerous to their tiny fingers, you can quickly and easily childproof the outlets by putting duct tape over them. You can also tape the drawers and cabinets shut to keep the little ones safe.

  • Fend Off Clingy Shower Curtains - In some cruise ship cabins, the shower stall is very small, and you can barely turn around without the curtain clinging to you. Pin it back with a few little pieces of duct tape.  Just be sure to do your tape job before things get wet!

And just a warning from lessons I have learned, be careful what surface you are sticking the duct tape to and don’t use any more tape than what you need to get the job done. A little bit goes a long way.  You don’t want to pay for ruined walls, etc.  If you’re concerned about the space and the weight a hefty roll of tape might take up in your suitcase, travel with only small rolls of tape.  When we have a roll of duct tape or masking tape get ¾ used, we throw it in with the travel stuff and buy a new one to use for the household stuff.  If you have any other uses for tape while traveling, please share.  I’m sure there’s ideas I haven’t thought of.


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