January 24, 2019

Why Use A Travel Advisor to book my trips?


I am always asked the question – “Why would I use you as my travel advisor”?  There are many answers to this question, some obvious and some not so obvious, so this week I thought I would share with you some reasons “why” you would want to use me as a travel advisor to help research, plan and book your trips.  Here they are:

  • Life is busier and more demanding than ever, which means vacation time is more valuable.  You can’t re-do a vacation that went bad.  When you inquire, I ask lots of questions so that I can put together exactly what you have been dreaming of.  I listen, suggest, adjust, understand and become a friend.  I’m not just a search engine or an anonymous voice.

  • I add that human touch.  I invest a great amount of time in your happiness and satisfaction and want to make sure every vacation provides you with lifelong memories. I am with you before, during and after your trip.  I answer your calls, your text messages and your emails no matter where you are in this wonderful world. 


  • Booking travel is more complicated than ever as the products and offerings continue to grow.  I work with a consortium that has done the legwork on making sure the vendors I work with are reliable, reputable and financially stable.  I work only with those vendors so that you won’t fly across the world and wonder why no one was there to meet you on the other end as promised, why no one answers the phone numbers you were given for assistance, or why they didn’t tell you that your hotel is miles away from city center and it will cost you another $75/day for taxis back and forth. If something unexpected does comes up while you travel, you have me in your back pocket, ready to do everything possible to help you.  I love to travel and discover the world but as experienced as I am, there are still complications I come across that I wish someone else would just “handle” for me!  Well, you have that someone because you have me! 

  • I am out there experiencing it.  I don't just sell a trip or a destination—I actively discover it, research it and experience it - sometimes over and over again!  I specialize in 3 different products - small ship cruising, escorted tours and luxury all-inclusive resorts.  And if you read between the lines, you’ll figure out that I am all about the destinations.  I love the luxury and convenience of being on a ship and at an extravagant resort but I’m there to visit the incredible destinations, experience different cultures, take part in new traditions, discover world history, try amazing new foods and savor magnificent wines or local brews.  I’ve been on 9 river cruises and will go on another one this summer.  I’ve sailed on yachts and small ships that take me to places big ships can’t get to.  I can’t even count the number of escorted tours in foreign countries I’ve done but believe me, it has been many!  I think I’ve been to almost every major island in the Caribbean and have experienced a lot of Mexico.  Every time I travel, I am focusing on the details so I can give my clients an experience that they will remember for the rest of their life. I share my actual experiences with you, explain the ins and outs and help you visualize what to expect.  I’ve either been there, have listened to valuable input from clients that have been there or have channels available that allows me to talk to people that have been there. 

  • If you are nervous, anxious or unsure about traveling, I provide the guidance and assurance to put you at ease.  I know where you could go and where you shouldn’t, what you could do and what you should not!  I feel a huge responsibility to explain, re-assure and assist my clients in making the best possible choices.

  • Like any professional advisor, I study and train.  I am constantly keeping up with what is happening, what’s new out there and doing everything I can to stay “in the know”.  This knowledge gets passed on to you to make your experience that much better. 


As a professional travel advisor, I listen to what you are looking for and I work to deliver exactly that.  I save you time and stress.  You can google and read as much as you want but actually putting a trip together is stressful.  I pride myself in delivering an amazing value while giving you exactly what you asked for.  I charge an up-front planning and research fee and truly feel that the value you receive from my services is well worth what you pay.  I also understand that my services are not for everyone.  If I don’t feel I am best suited to help you after explaining to me what you are looking for, I will tell you up front before any time is wasted or fees are paid.  I am a travel advisor for those that appreciate my love for travel and my desire to share my experiences to make their life easier. 


I believe that travel changes lives, builds understanding and truly makes our world a better place.  Let me take the stress out of making sure your precious time and travel dollars are spent as wisely as possible.


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