Why the Best Camera for Your Vacation Might Not Be A Camera

April 25, 2019

I have always been a HUGE picture person.  One of my best friends is a photographer and through the years she has taught me how to be creative and to take (and make) a picture look professional.  I love photography and take thousands of pictures on most every trip I take.  I have all the camera equipment….a professional camera (and a few different lens to go with it), and a really good point and shoot camera .  But even though I have all this, I now I use the camera on my phone for all my pictures when I travel. 



Most people want to take photos on their vacation, but not everyone wants the fuss (and weight) of packing and keeping track of camera equipment. Have you considered leaving your digital camera at home and simply using the built-in camera on your smart phone?  Unless you are taking pictures on a professional basis, here are a few reasons why using your phone might be the best thing that ever happened to your vacation photos.


  • It’s always with you…. always. When you travel, your smart phone is already serving several purposes beyond just being a calling device. It’s a watch, a GPS, a compass, a language translator, a weather-checker, a music and video library, an email and social media connector. It’s unlikely you will go anywhere without it - it’s second nature to have it with you.  If you’re like most people, the challenge of having your phone with you is actually limiting how much time you spend on it! Using your phone can help ensure that you’ll have a great camera handy when those “picture perfect moments” are right there in front of you.


  • It takes surprisingly high-quality photos. Most phones have high megapixel cameras, high enough to get a clear 20” x 24” print!


  • No messing around with memory cards or uploads to your computer. You always have the option, of course, to upload your photos at any time to your computer.  But with your smart phone, you can also instantly upload images to Instagram/Facebook, send them in an instant message, email them to yourself or others, or back them up in the Cloud. No cords or plugins required.


  • There’s lots of free or inexpensive apps available to make your images look great. Free apps are used by millions of hobby and professional photographers every day. You can crop, add frames, apply filters, and share your photos right from the app itself, plus edited photos are automatically added to your phone’s photo library. There are lots of photo editing apps available for free or for a small cost.


  • A cool photo finish. You can send any photo in your phone’s photo library to any online photo company or retailer (like Shutterfly, Target or Walgreens) to be developed in regular prints if you decide you want to look at it on your refrig or in a picture frame,


Gone are the days of grainy, tiny images on small screens.  Even those of us who consider ourselves photo enthusiasts love the convenience and creative challenge of using our phones to capture our most treasured photographic moments. With all that your smart phone can do, maybe this is the year to drop the heavy camera equipment while you travel and use your phone to take your vacation photography to new heights!

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