How Women Can Lighten Their Load When They Travel

August 1, 2019

After a long day exploring a new destination, have you ever returned to your hotel room with neck and shoulder pain—discomfort that’s directly tied into the heavy purse you’ve been carting around all day? These hefty handbags can cause a lot of discomfort.  So how do you lighten the load? 


  • A lot of the purses on the market start out at 2 or 3 pounds before you even put anything in them. Opt for a lightweight bag that can be worn cross-body or carried as a tote. If you get one that’s anti-theft or has RFID-blocking capabilities, that’s even better.

  • If you’re going on a trip, do you really need all the cards you carry in your purse?  Such as your store reward cards, punch cards that will one day earn you a free coffee, or your public transit pass? Pare down to the bare essentials before you travel.  Take your ID, a couple credit cards, and debit card and put them in a little wallet or pouch.

  • Downsize to travel size.  You want to travel light, but you don’t want to be caught needing something. When we travel, we stock our purses with sunscreen, aspirin, Chapstick, hand sanitizer and more. You don’t have to go without these essentials, but you can downsize them by getting travel or sample sizes of everything.

  • Get rid of the coins! Collecting a lot of change is one of the fastest ways to weigh down your bag.  After all, it’s metal. How about dumping out your coins every day and using them to buy something at the end of the trip?  Or forget the cash and pull out those credit cards to use while on vacation! 

  • Look through your purse and clean it out every evening before you go to bed or every morning before you start out.  You may have started yesterday with a clean and nearly empty purse but by the time the day was over, it’s somehow full of receipts, admission tickets, and other miscellaneous junk. Take five minutes every day or night to clean out your purse.  If you’re saving stuff for a scrapbook, you can put them in a Ziploc bag and pack them in your suitcase for when you get home instead of carting them around on your shoulder.

Take it from someone who has had back and hip pain for several years.  The lighter the load, the more you will enjoy the trip!  Happy travels

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