You want me to go see Alaska?  Why would I?

September 19, 2019

You want me to go see Alaska?  Why would I?


Why does everyone want to go to Alaska?  Well, besides being easy to travel to and by this I mean that it is part of the United States and everything is the same as it is here at home, they use the same money, have the same laws, speak the same language, etc.  It is one of the most spectacular places in North America.  It is the Last Frontier … the land of magnificent glaciers, quaint fishing villages, the aurora borealis, and jaw-dropping wildlife sightings. Let’s take a look at what draws everyone there, Americans and international travelers alike. 

 The spectacular wildlife - Whales breaching, bears catching salmon at the water’s edge, a massive moose spotting you as he strolls across the landscape (or even the street in some towns) - these are the kinds of spectacular wildlife sightings that inspire people to travel to Alaska. Alaska has no shortage of wildlife, your chances of seeing lots are very good - and that makes it a very special place to visit.


Mountains - Alaska is home to North America’s tallest mountain: Denali (formerly Mt. McKinley).  But you don’t have to go to Denali to see mountains, Alaska has them everywhere!


Glaciers - With an estimated 100,000 glaciers within the state prepare to be wowed by ice.  Glaciers are ice in constant motion.  It is breathtaking to be in front of a glacier when it is calving.  You see the ice hit the water making a huge splash and then you hear the boom a few seconds later!  And when it’s all over, you’ll see a beautiful patch of clear blue ice on the glacier. 


The Midnight Sun - Being in the far reaches of the northern latitudes Alaska sees nearly endless daylight in the summer months which gives you even more hours to see and explore Alaska’s beauty.


Fishing - Alaska is home to world class fishing and there are countless charter companies willing and ready to take you out fishing for their tasty salmon, halibut, and more!  Plus, you can even take an excursion to go see the bears trying their hand at fishing.


You can go on a cruise - There may not be as much sunbathing on an Alaska cruise, but considering all the glaciers, sea life, breathtaking views, and amazing food and entertainment that a cruise can provide, you definitely should consider doing one to see the Alaska coast.


You can do a Cruise/Tour combination – what a big decision…do I take a cruise, or do I spend my time on land.  Here’s my take on it, exploring by land and by sea are two totally different experiences and doing them both is the best way to discover Alaska and provides you with an even bigger “wow.” On land you could explore Denali national park to look for bears, eagle, moose and elk, then head to the Kenai Peninsula for fishing and outdoor sports; then round it off in Fairbanks where you can see the Alaska pipeline and even pan for gold.


Alaska is just plain beautiful! – it is a photographer’s paradise.  Get your cameras ready because there is a photo op at every turn and on every corner.


These are just a few of the many reasons I think everyone should see Alaska.  I’ve been there twice and am anticipating my next trip.  I don’t know when that next trip will be, but I definitely will be going back.  Happy travels!

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