Traveling During Hurricane Season?  What to do?

September 26, 2019

Traveling During Hurricane Season?  What to do?


We are now in the heart of hurricane season, so it seems a good time to talk about it. Hurricane season runs from June – November. This is a popular time for couples and families to travel to the Caribbean, it’s summer and everyone wants to get vacations in before school starts up again.  Awareness, planning, and preparation can make all the difference if you plan on traveling during a time that hurricanes are likely.  So, how do you plan for a hurricane?

  • Know the risk of hurricanes and hazards that go with it before you travel.  Use google and do a search for the likelihood and past history for hurricanes in the locations you will be visiting.


  • If there is threat of a storm in the place you are traveling to, consider packing a few items that may come in handy such as a flashlight, battery pack to charge your devices, first aid kit, non-perishable food, and extra necessities like medication.

  • Check flights well ahead of time. Many airlines will post waivers or notices and allow flight changes for free during major weather events. If you think your flights are going to be impacted, it’s a good idea to change them ahead of time, as they will likely be delayed or canceled.

  • And most important - get travel protection insurance.  Travel insurance protects you against the unknown.   It is such a stress reliever to know that you are covered for unforeseen circumstances.  And what if you get hurt in the process?  Did you know that it is very rare for US health insurance policies to cover you when out of the country? 

But what it you’re already there?

  • If you are already at your destination and there is a storm coming, ask about the evacuation route out of the area you are in. If possible, map it out on your phone or tablet so you know exactly where to go.

  • Find out how you can receive alerts/updates from local officials

  • As another resource, turn on weather alerts for that location using apps such as Weather Channel, Emergency: Alerts, AccuWeather, etc. These resources can give you emergency alerts, evacuation notices, shelter locations, updates on road closures, changes in traffic flow, etc.

  • Be ready to leave on short notice, understanding that your vacation may be cut short. Consider it a blessing that you are able to get out of the way of the storm.  Be ready and able to pack up quickly with the understanding that it might not be possible to come back to that location.

I live in tornado country.  I’ve never lived close to the ocean and I’ve been lucky enough to not ever experience a hurricane.  But, I have a conference aboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean this October so I felt the need to do some more research on hurricanes to make sure I was prepared.  After doing the research, I then felt it important to pass this information on to you, my clients.  May you always have safe and happy travels!


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