Packing tips using simple household items!

November 7, 2019

Packing tips using simple household items!


You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your packing efforts more organized.  Here’s some household items I’ve used to help accomplish that:

  • Since I’ve had to wear glasses for years, I have lots of hard-sided cases to keep them in.  If you have any of these laying around, use them for your phone cords and charges when you travel.  They’re small, compact and keeps the cords from getting tangled with everything else.

  • I love mints that come in the round containers so instead of throwing those containers away, I use them for earbuds to keep them untangled.

  • Do you have Q-tips all over the bottom of your bathroom bag?  To keep them all together and clean by putting them in an empty pill bottle.


  • Are there times when your shoes get muddy or just really dirty when you travel?  To keep the dirt off all the other stuff in your suitcase, pack some plastic grocery bags and put the shoes in those.  Or if you forget to take the grocery bags, use a shower cap provided by the hotel to cover those dirty shoes.

  • Does your hard-powdered makeup keep cracking into a million pieces from being jiggled around while you travel?  Place a cotton pad in the compact to keep that from happening. 

  • Pack a clothespin.  Use it to seal those snack bags that are half full or to hang a wet swimsuit on the provided clothesline in the shower. 

  • Do you wear contacts?  Use those little plastic contact cases to store liquids or gels that you only need a small amount of.  And, you can put those little contact cases in your 3-1-1 TSA Ziploc in your carryon.

  • Put a couple dryer sheets loose in your suitcase to keep everything smelling nice and fresh.


Hope this gave you some new ideas that you can use on your next trip.  Happy travels!






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