Community Immunity

April 8, 2020

Immunity is defined as “resistance to or protection against a specified disease; power to resist infection”.  When the body is exposed to a disease or toxin that it has never seen before, the immune system kicks in and produces antibodies to help combat the illness and protect the system from future infections of the same disease.  It’s an amazing thing, but that isn’t the focus of my message this week.  Besides the invasion of the COVID-19 virus, we are also being challenged by another unknown toxin – isolation.  It’s ironic that one of the main solutions to curbing the spread of the virus is to isolate, yet the side effects of that are taking their toll on our communities.  So how can we build some strong “Community Immunity” to combat the spread of isolation? 


Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. Even if your body must stay home right now, your imagination doesn’t!  As a travel professional, I am doing my best to provide my community of past, present & future clients with inspiration so you can continue to dream about your future journeys.  Have you always dreamed of visiting the Galapagos Islands?  Do some research, watch some videos, read some travel books about the destination.  Talk with your family about their travel bucket-lists…you might be surprised to learn that your significant other has always dreamed of surfing the waves off Waikiki Beach.  When this is all over, let’s get planning and make those dreams come true.

  2. Be generous with your actions in your own neighborhood community. Regularly check-in on neighbors and family who live alone.  If you are venturing out to the grocery store or the pharmacy, see if they need anything.  Bake 2 lasagnas bread instead of 1 and share.  Make a run through the drive up and take some food to them.  Don’t purchase and hoard supplies that you really don’t need.  And be kind and generous to your neighborhood “essential” workers who are risking their own well being to provide the services you are using. 

  3. Stay in touch with your family via video chat or Zoom-type calls. These days, the average family is spread out across the country.  Coordinate a regular video call to stay in touch, to catch up and see how everyone is doing.  Family is the most important community that we all have yet it is easy to take for granted.  Don’t let yourself do that!  Create some new memories that you will talk about in years to come. 


So, how will you help to build your own “community immunity”?  I hope that this has given you a head start on developing your own antibodies to the isolation and separation toxins that social distancing has thrust upon us.  Soon we will be back to “normal” and I’m hoping that it will be an even better “normal” than before - where we have more appreciation for each other and our incredible freedoms to see the world. 


A special Thank you to Lisa Fletcher of Gifted Travel Network for sharing this blog with me and letting me use it and put our own “spin” on it.   




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